Post-operative Physio

Post-operative Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy post-surgery is important, usually to regain range of movement and flexibility in the earliest days post operatively. Some surgery requires longer healing periods (Lumbar Spine Discectomy or Rotator Cuff Repair) to stabilise the surgical area and you may not be referred for treatment until 2-6weeks post-operatively, depending on your consultants post-operative protocol.

Physiotherapy exercises will improve the quality of the scar and underlying tissue and help it to move normally on the muscle and connective tissue underneath. This helps reduce pain and increase flexibility. A progressive strengthening program, within pain limits, helps restore strength and control of the region in order to recover the best possible result from your surgery.

Some surgical procedures that greatly benefit from physiotherapy are;

  • Shoulder surgery – ASD, Rotator Cuff Repair, Shoulder Stabilisation, Internal Fixation post Fracture, ACJ surgery,
  • Knee surgery – Ligament Reconstruction, Knee Replacement, Internal Fixation post Fracture, Patella Stabilisation, Menisectomy, Plica/Bursa/Tendon surgery.
  • Joint replacements –  Shoulder, Knee, Thumb, Hip, 1st MTPJ
  • Ankle surgery – Fusion/partial fusion, Reconstruction Ankle Lateral Ligament, Achilles Tendon Repair, 1st MTPJ surgery
  • Spinal surgery – Discectomy, Spinal Fusion, Stabilisation,
  • Hand/ wrist surgery – Carpel Tunnel Decompression, De Quervains Decompression, Wrist Stabilisation, Internal Fixation following Fracture, Dupytrens Release, Tendon Repair, Thumb Surgery.