Self Paying referrals:

Specialist Physiotherapy Assessment (With Zaheer)

Initial assessments:  £60 (45 minutes)

Follow up treatment:   £50 (30 minutes)

Standard Physiotherapy Assessment

Initial assessments:  £45 (30-45 minutes dependent on condition)

Follow up treatment:   £45 (30 minutes)

Clinical Massage:  £45 (30 minutes)

Sport Massage:  £45 (30-40 minutes)

 We accept payment through either cheque or cash.
Nikki’s and Liam’s diaries are not available online. Please call01275 341439 for availability.

Assessment and treatment 

We believe in a holistic approach to your health, taking time to understand your situation at home and at work; working closely with GPs, consultants and other health professionals.

Treatment cannot begin without a diagnosis.

Your initial appointment may take up to an hour and you are welcome to bring a family member or friend with you. To assess your problem effectively you may need to remove some articles of clothing – you may be more comfortable in shorts/vest top.

At your first visit we will take a detailed history and perform a thorough examination to assess the nature and cause of your condition. At the end of the assessment we will discuss your problem with you, provide expert advice and treatment and a personal recovery programme to suit you.


Massage helps increase blood flow to the tissues. We use a combination of techniques including effleurage, kneading and rolling. The benefit of receiving massage from a physiotherapist is the extensive anatomy and physiology knowledge. We use a combination of massage and trigger point release to reduce tension and increase oxygenation at the muscles.

Research has proven that massage therapy can:

  • Boost the immune system
  • Significantly lower blood pressure
  • Comfort those going through drug or alcohol withdrawal
  • Sooth chronic joint and muscle pain
  • Battle fatigue
  • Ease stress
  • Combat depression